Mother’s Day Picks

Mother’s Day seriously feels like having a second birthday. On that note, a big thank you to these brands for making it a little more special by sending these gifts over the weekend:  

Dibs Dressy Bibs: Going somewhere special with your little human? Why not have a bib that fits the part.

Cosita: Fresh room and body sprays. Perfect for that little pick me up.

Salt Series: Super comfy, flow beach wear for your next holiday.

Mano’s Nail Lounge: A nail spa that helps local communities.

Pylones: Adorable children’s toys made in France.

So True Naturals: My favorite brand now makes soy candles (they named one after me!) trust me it smells so good.

Body Food: Their soap bars are heavenly and their chamomile oil is the purest I’ve come across.

Whisk Designs: Gorgeous designs for all the thank you notes we need to write.

Elin: Super comfy pregnancy wear that you can use even after your little one is born.