Bun Appetit 

Bun Appétit is owned by a husband and wife who on regular days do marketing for top corporations in the country.

It was during a vacation to New York that they enjoyed their first seafood rolls and were hooked. Upon returned to Manila, they searched for places that could offer them that same delicious sandwich but could never find exactly what they were looking for.

So they did what any self-respecting foodies would do and began to make their own. Lucky for us they were quite happy with the results and decided to turn it into a small business to share how seafood rolls should be! And we, dear Manila foodies, are all the better for it!

Carl and I recently enjoyed some of their buttery lobster rolls and Cuban grilled corn topped with cotija cheese and we can’t wait to enjoy them again. I can’t recommend ordering their items enough. Perfect for a weekend barbie with friends!

Here’s how: 

Bun Appetit Menu - As of 050215