GRID Magazine Open Call

The awesome people over at GRID Magazine​ want me to let you know about this very cool open call for photographers: both aspiring and professional. Registration is from April 28 to May 15, 2015 and is only P1000.

Open Call Poster

Official press release below:

Over the last year of its release, GRID Magazine has been a magazine for travellers, elevating travel experiences with great writing and photography. On May 16, 2015, Henry’s Professional presents The GRID Open Call, the first GRID event that invites supporters, followers, and professionals to engage in a constructive and intimate discussion about their own photography. The GRID Open Call is both an exclusive portfolio review and photography workshop hosted by creative champions from the team behind GRID Magazine, Francisco Guerrero, Sonny Thakur and Nachi Ugarte.

The event is open to both amateur and professional photographers. Attendees will hear a series of talks conducted by the GRID team and special guest photographer, Geric Cruz, interspersed with personal one-on-one portfolio review sessions with each of the event mentors. Henry’s Professional also offers attendees the chance to test and play with the latest photography equipment on the market. GRID Magazine invites the likes of all creative individuals to take this opportunity to have a real conversation about their work, photography, design, editing, and the creative process.

Registration for the GRID Open Call is open from April 28 to May 15, 2015. Slots are limited to keep the workshop effective for each and every participant. Registration fee is at P1000. Attendees are asked to bring either a print or digital portfolio of their work to The GRID Open Call, at SOMA, Green Sun, 1PM on May 16, 2015.
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