Happy Monday 

IMG_2151.JPGHappy Monday, everyone. This snap was taken over the Holy Week weekend at Lake Caliraya. I know I haven’t done a Monday post in ages. Please blame it on my lack of sleep and just enjoying the time with a new baby in the house.

It’s amazing how quickly two months went by. In a week I’m going to be back into the work force, so I’m really trying to make the time count.

I love what someone told me recently about how the three months after your child is born should actually be called the “fourth trimester”. Your body is still going through changes, your baby is still trying to make sense of the world, and things aren’t quite what they used to be. I’m happy to report that it’s taken me much less time than with Fin to find my groove again and feel “normal”, but I do need to remember that my life still needs to be down a gear or two.

There are quite a few exciting collaborations and projects lined up, but I promise to be doing them at a pace that puts family first. The way it should be.

Till I can share them with you, here are some things you may enjoy from the web: 

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