A Crafty Baby Shower

shower11“I woke up in a panic last night,” My good friend Chesa Vibered me early last February.

“Why?” I asked.

“It hit me that you’re giving birth soon and we haven’t planned your shower!”

I honestly didn’t think people who were going through the motions of parenthood the second time around got a shower, but apparently my two dear friends Chesa and Cla didn’t get the memo.

shower1So exactly a week before Nara was born they threw me a simple baby shower exactly how I would have wanted it. With a handful of my dearest friends, we spent the afternoon at Artelano 11 catching up, eating good food, and doing crafts.

Craft Carrot: a go-to online and pop up shop for all crafting supplies and Just Peachy Events were the sweetest people ever and were kind enough to sponsor our crafting activity for the afternoon. Instead of the usual bottle chugging, baby food eating, diaper sniffing games, my friends created onesies for the first year of Nara’s life.


shower2With a bunch of adorable stamps and beautifully colored stamp pads, my guests were asked to get creative and make onesies that would suit either a boy or a girl. We had a lot of fun letting our inner artists out and comparing our designs. Here are some snaps from that afternoon:












shower7Thank you Chesa, Cla, and my girlfriends for throwing me the perfect little celebration. You are all love.

IMG_2722Thank you Monica and Andrea for putting together our activities for the afternoon. If you would like to host a similar type of shower, I can’t recommend Craft Carrot and Just Peachy Events enough. Here are ways you can reach them:

Craft Carrot: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Just Peachy Events: Website | Facebook | Instagram