My Wedding Ring

Today is our fourth year anniversary.

Four awesome years since we had white sand tickling our toes surrounded by the people we loved most in the world and told each other that we were in this for the long haul.

A few months before our big day, I remember having to decide on the kind of ring I wanted to symbolise our union. Many girlfriends suggested a slim band embedded with tiny sparkling stones. I recall almost placing an order for exactly that type of ring, till our jeweller casually mentioned that diamond encrusted rings shouldn’t be worn while doing chores like chopping vegetables or cleaning your bathroom, even while swimming in the ocean. They also needed to be checked periodically for any loose parts.

That’s when I decided that the plainest wedding band available was what I would request. Because marriage to me wasn’t just about looking nice during lunches and nights out. It was also the times when we both looked like we just played with a tiger, while I slaved away in the kitchen, or roughed it up on a less than a few hours sleep while soothing a crying baby. I wanted a band I could look at during the best of times and the hardest; a little circle of metal that would be with me through all facets of our union. And for the last four years, my little ring has done exactly that. It’s been there when I was sick, hurt, or mopping a toilet bowl. It’s been snuggly on my finger while we travelled through deserts, glaciers, and hot air balloon rides. I even wore it when I delivered our son and will probably be on my finger when I deliver our next child.

I hope you all know that I treat this band as nothing more than a symbol and if I ever were to lose this specific one, I would simply replace it with something very similar. Because at the end of the day, objects are things we can never fully own.

But what I proudly own (at least half of it) is this marriage and the power to make it into what I want it to be. From the daily routines we are building, the children we are raising, and the love we have through it all. Here’s to many, many more years of adventures — the big and small kind.