Mesoestetic Sun Protection SPF 50 Compact Foundation

_MG_0122I have always been a fan of sun protection. Blame it on the many years that my mother took the responsibility of slathering large gallons of sunscreen on my skin. “I made sure you never burned when you were younger, so please do the same.” is a phrase she tells me often.

Now that I am pregnant, I’m even more cautious about spending time under harsh UV rays. Pregnant skin is more prone to discolorations, “the mask of pregnancy” being one of them. So I was thrilled to try Mesoestetic’s Sun Protection SPF 50 Compact Foundation: a creamy, lightweight foundation that helps even out the skin tone with the added benefits of sun protection. Sold!

_MG_0131I was sent shades 011 (light) and 010 (dark) by the wonderful ladies of EI Skincare. As you can tell from the picture, 010 has a more yellow base. This was the shade I chose to try on my MAC NC40 skin tone and it looked great. Each compact comes with a sponge (which I highly recommend washing before using, it still had that fresh out of the factory smell) to spread the foundation evenly over your skin. The sponge worked well enough, but I also preferred to use my foundation brush to give it a more even finish.

The verdict: I really liked this product. It spread evenly, didn’t look cakey on my skin, and gave me adequate sun protection while taking our son for a swim or two. Not to mention it looked wonderful in photos. I will personally repurchase when I run out.

I highly recommend giving this product a try if:

  • You’re looking for sun protection that won’t make you look white or cakey.
  • You want to even out our skin tone.
  • You don’t want the hassle of brining a big bottle of face sun protection.


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