Laurin Medium Chain Coconut Oil

_MG_0223I’ve always been a fan of the benefits of coconut oil, so I was happy to give this new brand a try. Laurin is a a medium chain coconut oil which uses the most beneficial part of the coconut. This is a wonder bottle that you can use in many different ways and make a great gift for those who are health conscious.

_MG_0211Here are some suggested ways you can enjoy your bottle:

1. On your skin as a natural body moisturizer or massage oil

2. A few drops on your hair after a shower.

3. Oil-pulling for good oral hygiene (more on oil pulling on the site later this week)

4. A few drops in my son’s milk when he was younger to help with his bathroom habits.

5. In replacement of butter or lard in baking

6. A shot in your coffee as a bullet coffee with butter substitute

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Laurin product photos by my awesome photography partner Pat Martires. Check out his:

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