EvenSwiss Skincare

EvenSwiss3With so many wonderful beauty products offered for review on this site, it’s not always easy to decide which ones I personally road test.

I’m happy that I decided to try EvenSwiss: a Swiss line of gentle skincare products formulated with a unique ingredient called Dermatopoietin that is a unique ingredient only available in their products (learn more about Dermatopoietin here).

I was especially convinced when when the ladies at EI Skin Laboratories let me know that Dr. Peter Schoch, Director for Research and Development for United Cosmeceuticals, the company that creates Evenswiss was quoted as saying that it was safe to use during your second trimester of pregnancy. Yup, it’s that gentle and yet surprisingly effective. I was given three products to try and loved them all to the point that they have become a staple in my regimen.

EvenSwiss2EvenSwiss Rejuvenating Serum: This serum isn’t too thick and was easy to spread on my face. I use it twice a day and it doesn’t make my skin greasy before my tinted moisturiser with SPF. I also like that it is very lightly fragranced and the scent quickly dissipates.

EvenSwiss1newEvenSwiss Rejuvenating Eye ComplexThis formula is a little thicker than the serum and is great to use under and on the sides of your eyes, I also like putting it on the sides of my mouth and on areas with any fine lines.

EvenSwiss4EvenSwiss Rejuvenating Décollette Cream: To be used on the neck and chest (because those areas should never be forgotten), this cream has the same very light fragrance but is definitely a thicker formulation. I preferred to use it at night only.

It’s advised that you use Evenswiss for 4 weeks straight and then give your skin a rest of two weeks so that the effectiveness of Dermatopoietin won’t wear off. There is more information on this in the FAQ page of Evenswiss.

The results: 

After my first four week of cycle of EvenSwiss I definitely saw an improvement on my face and neck. My skin looked more dewy, fine lines on my forehead disappeared, and I didn’t get any breakouts from the product. After a two week break (which I was hoping would go by fast) I continued on with a second cycle and saw an even better quality to my skin — dark areas evened out and there was an all around healthier glow to my complexion. People thought it was purely because I was the glow of pregnancy, but I have to say that EvenSwiss definitely helped make that possible.

The verdict: 

Evenswiss may not be cheap, but it really does work. I am fully sold on this brand and would gladly purchase my next round of the serum and eye cream when my bottles run out. If you’re looking for a boost to your skin regimen and might have a little one on the way, I can’t recommend this line enough.

For more information on Evenswiss, check out their:

Website | Philippine FB Page | Philippine Instagram Page | Ei Skin Laboratories Website