IMG_8832.JPG2014, where’d you go? You were fast and hungry. You were days of fulfilling work, fun projects, and a sprinkle of beach trips and a visit to our beloved Sydney.

You were house planning, baby making, marriage comforting, and toddler growing.

You were finding our place back in Manila’s epic race and arriving at a point that left us tired at night but eager to rise in the morning.

I thank a higher power for the blessings offered to me and those I am crazy about during your 365 days:

For health, kindness, and purpose.
For family and friendships.
For giving us more than what we needed and offering us infinite potentials for the days ahead.
For a partner who really is my soul in another body.
For the most amazing little human to have conversations with.
For a belly that stretches and kicks in its own rhythm to let us know about an exciting new chapter next year.
And for love. Always love.

Happy New Year, dear friends. Here’s to more adventures to be captured in 2015.