JDL Mobile Photo Workshop

IMG_7369This post is long overdue, but I wanted to give it the length it deserved.

As many of you already know, along with some amazing people, I produced my first workshop this December and it was an experience I fully enjoyed. Here’s the story behind it:

Last May, I joined a Manila InstaMeet and met a whole bunch of creative folks who display their talents by showcasing beautiful (mostly mobile) images through Instagram. One of them was Jelito De Leon, whose work was always a joy to see on my IG feed. Jelito and I became fast friends and wanted to do something together this year, but we didn’t know exactly what at the time.


Jelito and I during the first day of the workshop. (Photo courtesy of GRID Magazine)

A few months later, Jelito asked me to show him some places in Alabang for the IG account of a foreign magazine he was asked to curate. When we stopped by Bungalow 300 we had a good chat with lovely owners Marga and Vernice and all decided it would be pretty fun to host one of Jelito’s mobile photography workshops down south. Our collaboration was set.


Marga, Jelito, blogger Patty Laurel, Me, and Vernice after the second day of the workshop. (photo courtesy of Carlo Ledesma)

It took around three months to put everything together and we were all thrilled when all 40 slots of our workshop were snapped up almost as soon as we announced them. I was also overjoyed that local brands (more on them below) who I’ve featured on the site in the past were more than happy to take part and give beautiful raffle giveaways and delicious food for participants to use and enjoy during the workshop.


The delicious spread offered to participants during the workshop. (Photo courtesy of GRID Magazine)

Aside from learning quite a bit from Jelito’s class, what I loved most about spending my afternoon with all these new people was putting faces and stories to the IG accounts I’ve followed for many years. We live in such a digital age where friendships can go on for years without actually meeting in person. I’m from the old school tradition of wanting to still have a decent conversation in the flesh and this workshop helped me make that possible. Here are more photos from the workshop courtesy of our media partner GRID Magazine and Carlo Ledesma.


We invited participants to write an one Instagram account that inspired them to take beautiful pictures. (photo courtesy of Carlo Ledesma


Jelito deep into his lesson. Love all the “Aha” moments I heard from our participants. (photo courtesy of GRID Magazine)


Our food sponsors really outdid themselves. Everything was so photogenic. (photo courtesy of GRID Magazine)


This is the only workshop where you were encouraged to play with your phone while the teacher was talking. (photo courtesy of GRID Magazine


Participants were offered a lot of practice in beautiful Bungalow 300 during the practical part of the workshop. (photo courtesy of Carlo Ledesma)


Participants were asked to shoot images that would be discussed during the last part of the class. Practice makes perfect. (Photo courtesy of Carlo Ledesma



Jelito made sure to sit with participants and helped answer their questions. (photo courtesy of Carlo Ledesma)

Here are some other blog entries all about our workshop:

  • Jelito wrote his own short and sweet entry here.
  • Lifestyle blogger Patty Laurel wrote a super detailed post with wonderful photos about her experience.
  •  GRID Magazine had one slot to raffle to a talented photographer. Here’s what their winner had to say.
  • Paticipant Audrey Angcos shared her thought here.

Now the fun part. Here are my favorite mobile images taken by our very talented participants during and right after the workshop.  I highly recommend following them on their Instagram accounts.




IMG_8591.JPGThis workshop would not have been such a success without the wonderful raffle, giveaway, and food sponsors who made all our participants feel special. You can also learn more about them through this pre-event post.

Media Sponsor:

GRID Magazine

Giveaway Sponsors:

So True Naturals


Raffle Sponsors:

Cat & Kai Handmade

Anma Lifestyle 

Olivia & Diego 


Sunday Paper Co 

The Day Keeper


A Vanilla Story 

Food Sponsors:

Baked by Anita

Cookie Bar Manila

Stanford & Shaw

Fat Fingers

Take Root

The Bad Apple 

Magnum Opus

A heartfelt thank you as well to Chesa Zimmer-Santos of Co.Lab and Kristine Nolan who helped make registration and the raffle giveaways go smoothly!

We’re thinking of putting another workshop together in the summer of next year. If you’re interested in participating, do be sure to drop us a line at info@catjuan.com to stay informed.

(All GRID photos by Rennell Salumbre)