Facile Clothing

In line with my hope of promoting even more local discoveries, I’ve decided to start doing a few more fashion oriented features on the site. Here’s one I did a few months ago (I was 19 weeks pregnant at the time) with my dear friend Mari Henud for Facile Clothing: a proudly made Philippine brand of stylish casual wear.

IMG_6954.JPGWho are the people behind Facile? How would you best describe the brand? 
The people behind FACILE are Rio Jorolan and Melissa Orozco. We both worked in advertising, both left to pursue studies in design abroad and finally, both came back to finally start exploring a lifelong passion: fashion. Melissa dabbled in retail at Zalora while Rio launched her line of button-downs. One night over drinks, we both realized we were looking for something that seemed very hard-to-find in Manila: easy, wear-and-go pieces that didn’t need a lot of styling yet gave an effortlessly put-together, cool girl vibe. Whether it be day or night, casual or dressed up. After all, the days are fast and we have to keep up but without sacrificing style. FACILE makes this possible.

IMG_6953.PNGWhy the name FACILE? 
FACILE means “easy” in French. When we were thinking of the brand’s direction, we just couldn’t help but look to the most effortless of them all for inspiration – the Parisiennes. They’ve always had this certain je ne sais quoi in the way they dressed. They were never fussy and embraced understated items that still made a statement. And they go through life beautifully: having lunch, having a cigarette, taking the metro, running errands, rushing to a meeting, building an empire, etc. This is what we wanted to instill in our brand and the clothes.  Plus, the word has good and fresh ring to it.

IMG_6961.JPGWhat materials do you prefer working with?
Fabric sourcing is our favorite thing. We never limit ourselves. Whatever it is that has a good and easy sway, flow, movement, silhouette and feels uncomplicated on the body – we will work with.

IMG_6962.JPGAre there any body types that work better for certain designs? 
No, the dresses are designed with a loose and relaxed fit and that’s how most of our designs are. Even our size S can even fit women from XS-M.  We don’t want to be a brand that discriminates any body type. Ultimately, the FACILE girl is not a certain physical look. It’s a certain personality, attitude, vibe.

IMG_6966-0.JPGWho designs your clothes?
The designs are both a collaboration between Rio and Melissa.

IMG_6963.JPGDo you have other collections in the works? 
We first launched a capsule collection just to test the market and to see how the brand will be perceived. As like any business, we want to learn and develop designs that work and outdo what we’ve done in the past collection. It will always be a learning process.

IMG_6965.JPGHow often do you plan to change collections?
We’d like to follow the fashion calendar in terms of launching collections: March (Summer), June (Spring), September (Fall).

What can we expect from the brand? 
These collections will never have 20+ items. We’d rather create a small collection with greater amount to detail. Our next collection will of course have the same flowy, easy FACILE style we introduced in our first and current collection. What excites us now are the color and fresh shapes that will reflect the next season. Already in the works!


Shot at the Pinto Galleries

Photographs by Carlo Ledesma

Modelled by Mari Henud and Cat JL

More info on Facile can be found via their: 
Website | Instagram | Facebook  

They accept cash upon delivery (only within Makati), Credit Card and Bank Deposit 

If you have any questions, you can simply shoot them an email at facile.clothing@gmail.com