Happy Monday

IMG_6582.JPGHappy Monday, everyone. These last few weeks have been all about hitting the ground running. I’ve taken on quite a few projects to keep me beyond busy till the end of the year. From my every day job as as a Communications Associate to trying on a new role as both a workshop + documentary producer, to going to back to an old job as a beauty writer, to taking classes in homeopathy and being a full-time pregnant mom, life is currently whizzing by.

During one of my hectic days last week, I received an article written by my boss that was so apt for this recent pace in my own life. I hope he doesn’t mind that I write some snippets here:

” I know that being busy brings its stressors and that we often simply want to wish the hustle-and-hustle away and we long for days of just doing nothing. While this is true and of course needed, there might be another way of regarding all this activity… After all, activity is a life in motion, movement and dynamism. It is growth. And it is perhaps a reminder of the often acknowledged gift of being really, truly alive.”

I hope his words inspire some of you to be grateful as well. If that doesn’t, maybe this photo of Carl with a new friend during a shoot we had in Cebu over the weekend will remind us to never take anything for granted and sometimes maybe a little slowing down won’t hurt. Haha.

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