The Perfect White Shirt

I love white t-shirts.

Correction: I love the way white t-shirts look on other people (especially on Miranda Kerr).

It’s been an ongoing quest of mine for years to find shirts that fit my frame in that perfectly slouchy way without having to hurt my bank account. Because trust me, you’d be surprised by how much a designer charges for their perfect white t-shirts. It’s just cotton, people.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI am happy to report that my search is finally over.

It all started when I saw my sister-in-law wear a white t-shirt while I was in Bacolod, I immediately saw its potential and asked where she got it. It turns out she had just bought it the day before at Robinson’s Department Store in a little stall in the Women’s Section called ‘Cliffe’. The best part? The shirts were going for only 200 pesos! I rushed there the next day and bought 4 of them in large (I mentioned I liked them slouchy).

As soon as I got back to Manila, I asked my mom’s trusty seamstress (my mom will kill me if I share her contact information), to remove the v-neck collars. She charged all of 100 pesos per shirt for the task.

The result? Perfectly slouchy white t-shirts with the exact scoop I was looking for and for all of 300 pesos a shirt. Yay!

I wish I could offer you a website for Cliffe, but they have been hard to find online. Here is what the tag looks like if it helps!

(Edit: I finally found them online at Zalora. Can’t promise if the shirts are there, though. I  think you’ll have better luck heading to an RDS) 

IMG_6205.JPGI hope this helps in your personal perfect white shirt quest. If anyone is associated with Cliffe, I will happily be their white (not wet) t-shirt endorser. Haha.