VMV Hypoallergenics Essence Line

_MG_0035I can’t help get a little excited when I discover a bag from VMV Hypoallergenics waiting for me at home. I’ve been a huge fan of their sunblocks for years and am a new convert to their baby line which I use on Fin. Here are some products VMV recently asked me to road test:

_MG_0037VMV Essence Skin-Saving Superwash: This is a superstar who sings, dances, and acts. Just one bottle can be used to clean your hair, face, and body. How awesome is that? It’s super mild and has barely any fragrance. A great addition to any shower stall.

_MG_0039VMV Essence Hand + Body Smoother: Chock full of VMV’s favorite ingredient — virgin coconut oil. This product does an excellent job of keeping skin soft without being heavy. Perfect for our humid, tropical weather.

_MG_0052VMV Essence Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel: Having a toddler means I reach for anti-bacterial products quite a bit. I try to stay away from your standard alcohol-based ones. This one does the trick of keeping tiny little hands clean without any irritating ingredients.

You can read about some of my other VMV favorites here.

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