Happy Monday

IMG_6210.JPGHappy Monday, everyone! This snap was taken over the weekend at A11: three fully-restored post war apartments at the heart of Pasay that showcase local furniture and homeward for sale. My girlfriend Tina (owner of Cordova Reef) invited me over to meet Eric Paras, the owner of this very well-curated place. Over an amazing Kapampangan meal, I learned an abundance of home building and decorating tips. It was a great way to spend my Saturday morning.

I hope you’ve got a bit of free time this week, because a new post is going up every day till Friday! I’m going to be tackling everything from beauty, my age, and a wonderful event that I was recently invited to. I hope you don’t mind that I don’t have a list of sites from around the web this week. I didn’t have a whole of free time to play this week. I think these pics from A11 are worth the visit here alone.