Infracyte Cyto Clean Face Cleanser

I’ve always been a fan of foaming face cleansers; the kind that get the job done without leaving my face coated in a film of moisture. Which is why my skin has never loved Cetaphil or other lotion-like cleansers that I feel don’t remove enough of  my day’s sunblock, makeup, and grime. I like cleansers that lather, lift dirt and oil, but don’t leave your skin parched after.

If you share the same sentiments, I high recommend giving Infracyte’s Cyto Clean Face Cleanser a try. The lovely ladies over at EI Skin Laboratories suggested that I give this blue bottle filled with a translucent pink gel a go and I’m so happy that I accepted their offer.

afterlight-3Infracyte is a US-based skincare company that works with dermatologists to customise a skincare program based on your needs. Acne scars? Fine lines? Age spots? No problem. Infracyte has a product for you.

Cyto Clean is their first step in preparing your skin for your serums, peels, or moisturisers. It’s formulated for all skin types and contains a unique blend of herbal extracts (jojoba, slipper elm, and ivy to name a few), aloe vera, and other mild cleansing agents that deeply clean pores without leaving your skin raw. I personally loved it.

If their other products work just as well as their cleanser, I would be very interested to try them in the near future.  Here is my review:


  • Super powerful. One tiny pump is all you often need to clean your face and neck (look at picture below).
  • Very light fragrance that quickly dissipates.
  • Your skin is left feeling slightly moisturised but absolutely not oily.
  • Does not leave your skin dry or flaky.
  • Didn’t break me out.


  • Heavy bottle. Hard for travel.
  • Not cheap. But since you only need one little pump twice a day, this will last you a very long time. Making it worth the price in the long run.

afterlight-4This cleanser was a winner.

Infracyte is exclusively distributed by EI Skin Laboratories. For more information on where you can purchase their products in the country please check out:

Infracyte’s Philippines FB Page | EI Skin Laboratories Website | EI Skin Laboratories Facebook