Happy Monday

1412519893.762447.IMG_4470It is indeed a Happy Monday when you head to sleep Sunday night knowing that you have another full day of rest ahead of you. You gotta love long weekends!

Yesterday, my little family and I trekked north to the beautiful Pinto Gallery in Antipolo to join some very talented young Instagram photographers during Instagram’s 10th World Wide Insta Meet. I decided to take advantage of the lovely location by shooting an impromptu photo shoot with the husband Carl and my professional model friend Mari Henud (check out her gorgeous blog). I hope you enjoy one of my first fashion features on the site. My post should be up soon.

Though I would never call myself a fashionista, I’m starting to discover so many well thought-out local fashion labels that it would be a shame not to feature them on this blog. So if you have or know of a local fashion brand that deserves a feature, let me know or invite them to get in touch with me.

I’m also going to need some talented models, so send me a message.

Exciting times ahead! Till then, here are some things you may enjoy from around the web: 

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