Zoya Nail Polish + Pinkie Grey

afterlight-16Many months ago, I was asked by the wonderful girls at Ei Skin Laboratories if I would be interested in reviewing Zoya nail polish for the site.

Zoya prides itself as being one of the safest most natural nail polish brands on the market today. Their products are free of formaldehyde, toluene, DBP (phthalates), camphor, and some other harsh chemicals I wouldn’t be able to pronounce. I’ve been told that they are even safe for pregnant women to use. The wonderful thing about Zoya is that despite their natural ingredients, the colours are extremely bright and last just as long as other popular polishes out there.

afterlight-19Many of you know that I’m not a huge polish fan. I honestly prefer keeping my nails short and bare. But I have many friends who can’t get enough of the stuff and slather a different color on their nails twice a week.

Because I always believe in promoting quality products, I decided to ask the help of some nail polish loving friends and one very talented nail artist, Dana Jean Abueg aka Pinkie Grey. We spent a fun, rainy afternoon creating some nail masterpieces using Zoya polish.

I hope you enjoy Dana’s answers about nail art and her intricate designs on my friends Chesa and KC. All photos were shot at co.lab, an awesome co-working space conveniently located in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

afterlight-14Hi Dana, what exactly do you do?
Aside from being “that girl who does nail art,” I am a graphic designer by trade and also one of the awesome community managers at co.lab.

How long have you been a nail artist?
I’ve been an amateur nail artist for a little bit more than two years (aka I just experimented on my own nails), but I’ve been taking on clients for about a year and a half.

afterlight-17What inspired you to take on this career path as a sideline?
I guess I just needed that creative release. There was a point when I was practically painting my own nails almost every other day, which turned into asking my friends if I could paint their nails, which turned into entertaining ideas of maybe making it into a business.

afterlight-9What tools do you need to be a nail artist?
The biggest thing would be the desire and creativity to want to learn. But as far as actual tools, start building a collection of good quality nail polish, a few trusty nail art brushes (some of mine are actually just regular paintbrushes that I trimmed to size), a couple of dotting tools, a good clean-up brush, and acetone. Beyond the basics, it wouldn’t hurt to have a few tubes of acrylic paint, random pots of glitter & jewels, some sponges for doing gradients, striping tape, etc. Your kit really can’t be too big!

afterlight-20What kind of the nail shape is the best to work with?
I’m gonna cop out and say all nail shapes are great to work with! (haha) But, seriously, I’ve been able to paint on any nail shape–even a tiny 3-year-old’s toes!

afterlight-15Are there any nail artists that you look up to?
I think my first nail artist crush was Spifter Sutton from Chicago. Her style and line work is unmistakably hers. Eichi Matsunaga also does amazing work. Some of his simplest works are the most impressive.

afterlight-12What do you like about Zoya nail polish?
Zoya has one of the most consistent formulas I’ve tried. Their colors are also always trendy, yet classic. Plus, their brushes are really easy to work with, especially on smaller nail beds.

afterlight-7What designs are often the most difficult to make?
I’m not the best at drawing portraits or cartoon characters, so those are the hardest for me. I think being a perfectionist plays a big role because I would definitely notice if my painting doesn’t look exactly like the person/character.

afterlight-6How long does it take on average to have nail art done?
It really depends on the design. The simplest ones would take 30 minutes (plus drying time, of course), but I’ve also had a 3-hour session before! She was a trooper!

afterlight-11Do you accept bookings for private events?
Unfortunately, not at the moment! (Cat: but she offers home services on occasion)

afterlight-4How many nails can you work on at a time?
One at a time, of course! (laughs) But I usually jump from one nail to another, usually to let one layer dry before I move on to the next layer.

afterlight-10Where can people book an appointment to see you?
You can set an appointment with me for Saturdays and Sundays through the wonderful folks at Manos Nail Lounge in Bonifacio Global City (on Burgos Circle) by calling 478-4057 or calling/texting 0917-315-6627. If you’re lucky and I’m hanging around the salon, I can also accept walk-ins.

afterlight-3Is there anything else you’d like to add?
First, thank you, Cat and Zoya Nail Polish for this opportunity! Secondly, young or old, it’s always a good time to wear nail art!

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