Happy Monday

SydneyHi, everyone. I admit that this blog took a bit of a backseat to life for the last few weeks. Mainly because I was in Sydney during the end of July.

It was really wonderful to show Fin the city he was born in. We spent our days running errands (which took all of 5 minutes for the most part — yay, Australian efficiency!), eating all the food we missed, and hanging out with some of our favorite people on the planet.

This snap was taken during a sunny Sunday picnic in the Botanic Gardens with friends who are like family. It was so nice to meet all their little babies, partake in Tim Tams’ new flavours, and bask in the chilly winter sun.

Bottom line, this trip was good for my little family and I. Having to spend practically 24 hours a day relying on each other, laughing often, and exploring beautiful things together made me even more grateful for my boys and the life that I’ve been blessed with.

I hope you have an equally wonderful trip lined up in your near future.

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