Happy Monday


It was a pretty crazy week. One with its fair share of surprises and new adventures lined up for the near future. I’m still in the middle of work’s summer break, but that doesn’t mean my days have gotten any more free. From running errands, planting idea seeds with a number of amazing people, and working on other fun projects. I’ve been having a grand time.

I’m just beyond grateful to be doing a job I love and still having the time and to spend with family and to try new thing. I promise to be less cryptic in future blog posts.

But till then, here is a photo of some glycerin soaps I made over the weekend. If you’re a frequent visitor of this site, you’ll know that soaps make me happy. So it was great to finally get a chance to learn how to make some easily using the melt and pour method. A thank you to the people at Craft MNL for putting this workshop together.

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