Dove Hair Therapy

afterlight-2I love Dove soap. Need proof? Click here. I’ve been using this simple bar on and off for over a decade now. So much so, that when my good friend Nicole Jacinto asked me to share my thoughts in a testimonial video for Dove last year, I agreed.

So I was more than thrilled when the kind people at Dove recently sent over their latest in hair repair products.

afterlight-1My hair went from blonde to dark brown in a span of a few weeks earlier this year, so you can imagine the amount of damage it’s gone through. I now use this entire range including the body wash and trusty Dove soaps everyday. I love how it’s not too heavily fragranced and does the job without any fuss.

If you’re ever in need of some extra TLC for your locks without needing to invest in expensive products. Dove is the answer.

You can learn more about Dove through their:

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