Aurora Manila Wrap Bracelets

auroramanila2“We are all beads strung together on the same thread of love.” – Amma Mata Amritanandamayi 

I have been saving this quote for this very special post for quite some time now. In the few years that I’ve been putting this blog together I have come across wonderful local ventures that offer beauty to the world but at the same time help those in need. Aurora Manila is one of them.

auroramanila9I first came across Aurora Manila when I was given one of their intricate wrap bracelets as part of my secondary sponsor duties at a dear friend’s wedding. It was white with gold beads and not the kind of thing I would have assumed to be my style, but I instantly loved the quality of the piece. I soon discovered that I could wear this bracelet with anything and people took notice. One friend even asked if she could buy it from me right then and there. I don’t think my wrist has ever received as many compliments.

But it’s when I found out that each bracelet helped a woman provide for her family was when I knew that this was something I wanted to share with my readers.

auroramanila4Meet Nikki Garcia, the wonder woman behind Aurora Manila. Nikki and I spent a sunny morning down south chatting about her how she put Aurora Manila together. I hope you enjoy her answers and the gorgeous bracelets she creates.

Hi, Nikki! What exactly is it that you do?

As a Senior Artisan, I design, source and purchase materials, train the Artisan Mothers, market and sell the Aurora wraps.

auroramanila14How did Aurora Manila begin? Why the name Aurora?

I started Aurora when I returned home from Canada after 8 years.  Living in a first world country, you are sheltered from the harsh reality of poverty.  I wanted to give-back and connect with other women by empowering them and giving them opportunities to integrate into their busy home life.

Aurora is the name of my late Lola Auring.  She was a woman with a big personality, strength and determination. She expressed herself with lots of colour and accessories. My aim was to empower not only the Artisan mothers, but also our supporters by crafting fine quality accessories symbolizing our movement while reflecting their own personal style.

auroramanila6Who makes your bracelets?

A small group of women living in socialized housing in Sto. Nino compound in Muntinlupa City. (Nikki demonstrated for me how the bracelets are made)

auroramanila3What materials are used to make each accessory? Are they found locally or abroad?

Aurora uses genuine leather straps, semi-precious stones and metals sourced from local suppliers only.

Can people purchase them RTW or do they need to be customized?

Limited quantities of RTW wraps are available for sale.  A portion of proceeds from each Aurora wrap go to the Artisan Mother who crafted it. We urge our clients to customize their wraps based on their colour preference and personal style.

auroramanila15How exactly can people customize their bracelets?

Most of our patrons find inspiration from our RTW designs. However Aurora can help design a wrap based on your personal style and favourite colours. For instance:

Semiprecious stones used: agate, absinthe, turquoise, Swarovski crystals, China crystals, rose quartz, quartz, Black onyx, white onyx, Silver, Gold plated and 10k gold plated gold accent spheres,

Leather straps available: white, chocolate brown, tangerine, black, red, emerald, dark navy, watermelon pink, ballerina pink, salmon, bright teal, lime green or silver leather straps on wraps that go two to five times around the wrist or ankle.

auroramanila7What is the price range for your bracelets? 

Price range of our wraps are between P650-1,850 (They start at P650 for a double wrap bracelet)  Prices are based on the number of wraps and stone choice.

auroramanila13How long will it take to make?

It takes anywhere between 2-4 days to customize a bracelet (A maximum of 1 week from the time you order and receive it).

auroramanila12How exactly does Aurora help underprivileged women?

A portion of proceeds from each Aurora wrap go to the Artisan Mother who crafted it.

auroramanila10Please share a success story or two from the brand?

Aurora believes small steps can make big changes.  A few of the Aurora Artisans have established their own sari-sari stores and put themselves through school.  It is so empowering to know that these women have used their income to build something sustaining by doing something from home without interfering with their family life.

auroramanila8What are your plans for Aurora in the future?

My goal is to make our Artisan family grow by continuing to make their voices heard. We would like to make Aurora avilable to sell in retail stores and online.

auroramanila11If you’re interested in ordering a bracelet for yourself or a friend, you can contact Aurora Manila via: