Artist Profile: Liv Buranday


Coffee is an elixir. A wonder potion that gets many of us through our daily lives. It should come as no surprise that millions of cups are brewed around the world everyday. Whether you like it thick, thin, hot, cold, sweet, or bitter. You drink it because it gets the job done.

Many of us fail to wonder what happens to all the coffee ground used to make each potent brew. I have heard of people using at as plant fertilizer and body scrubs, but who would have thought that it could also be turned into beautiful art?

image-1Meet Liv Buranday (known on Instagram as @livscreams). A 24-year-old nurse from Cebu City who has turned her love for coffee and art into a unique passion. I was first introduced to Liv’s creations through her Instagram account  (where she currently has 30k followers!) and loved her whimsical pieces.

I asked Liv to share a bit about herself and her ground coffee art for my readers. I hope you enjoy how she turns the simplest objects and a handful of coffee grains into such lovely creations.


Cat JL: Hi, Liv! What exactly is it that you do? Aside from coffee art do you have another job?
I’m actually a nurse and right now I’m preparing for my move to Singapore to start working there soon.


If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you now? When and how did you get into coffee art?
I’m 24 years old and just started working on the coffee art just recently probably August of last year.

image-15What equipment do you need?
I use very limited tools, Folgers coffee ground (because this is what my father drinks), a toothpick, glue, phone (for taking the pic) and the rest are bits & pieces that I can use like leaves, flowers, etc…

image-14How do you get to inspired to create your next piece?
Well, I started off trying to be active in Instagram and when a few people began appreciating the art I was posting (which I’m very grateful of until now), it pushed me to always kind of think what’s the next thing I should create which is now becoming a sort of my life’s routine already. I started becoming conscious of the surroundings even when I’m out with family/friends, I’m constantly thinking what’s the next piece I should make and what pieces or style to use.

image-12Do your pieces have a theme to them?
To be honest, I never did think of any theme to follow but looking at them collectively, the recurring theme I can see are the materials I use when creating my art, which majority of them are organic. Perhaps when I have enough experience as an artist I would be able to find my focus on a theme. For now, I’m just sticking to what comes to me as my next project and how I’m able to emulate it into something artistic.

image-9How much time do you give each piece?
Based on the previous pieces, minimum of 3 hours to maximum 48 hours.

image-11Aside from Instagram, where else can people see you work?
They can check my website at

image-10How has social media helped you?
In a scale from 1 to 10, definitely 10, especially Instagram in a pretty much awesome way in fact. It has pushed me to become creative both in the virtual & real world. I didn’t expect to feel accomplished after finishing pieces made of ground coffee, leaves or flowers or whatever bits and pieces I can find, create an art that tells a story or stood for something regardless of how simple they are, then to be able to share it to the world and be appreciated making it, it’s totally amazing.

image-8Do you sell your pieces or plan to in the future?
In the future, yes, I’m currently collaborating with awesome folks overseas that can hopefully make that a possibility.

image-6How has life in Cebu inspired your art?
Pretty much the same as how I started making the pieces, I think regardless of where I’m at, I’d be always like looking around, wait for something to catch my attention and think of how I can create my art out of it.

image-5Are there any other artists who inspire you?
Actually there are a lot of artists who inspired me to be creative and I’ve known them through instagram. Namely, “Red” Hong Yi, Lim Zhi Wei, José Lourenco, and Kerstin Heistermann.

image-4What advice can you offer others who’d like to take their art to social media?
There’s a lot of things to be inspired of! …Explore!

image-3What are your goals and dreams?
My goal in life is simply to be happy, successful in my job, financially stable and raise a beautiful family. My ultimate dream is that one day someone who is influencial enough will discover my art.

image-2How can people reach you?
They can reach me through email