Baked By Anita

bakedbyanitaI don’t get to do as many food posts as I should, so I was thrilled when the kind people behind Baked by Anita asked me to share my thoughts on their absolutely delicious bocaditos.

Bocaditos in Spanish means a little snack or sandwich, which Baked by Anita has brought to a whole new level by offering an assortment of bite-sized fillings wrapped in a flaky, buttery pastry. They use organic ingredients and make their pastries with French butter. Definitely worth the 65PHP price per pop.

bakedbyanita3I was given a whole assortment to try, including their best-seller ‘wild mushroom’ which is a party of truffle flavors in your mouth.  I brought a bunch of them frozen on a beach trip, popped them in the toaster oven at sunset, and paired them with a glass of wine before dinner. Our friends loved every bite.

I asked the the lovely woman behind Baked by Anita (she’s a bit shy to say her name) to share a bit more about the brand:

Cat JL: Who exactly is behind Baked By Anita?
A foodie who’s constantly looking at putting together seemingly incompatible foods & reinventing food/flavor concepts. (Cat JL note: Told you she was shy.) 

Where did the idea of making bocaditos come from?
I advocate small servings/portions that have complexity in flavor yet well balanced.

How long does it take to make each one?
Each one goes through a 10 stage process from preparing the dough, shaping, baking blind, prepping ingredients for filling, cooking the filling for at least 2 hours, cooling down, encasing the filling, 2nd baking, blast frozen, and finally vaccum sealing. Completion takes a minimum of 12 hours. Everything is done by hand & always made fresh. No preservatives added. No synthetic ingredients. We try to go as organic as possible.


What flavors are available?
You can tell the flavors by their marking on the top:

Wild Mushroom: (Heart marking on top) Italian porcini, premium shiitake, Gruyere cheese, white truffle oil, organic herbs & spices simmered for 2 hours in organic chicken stock.

Baby Spinach: (Leaf marking on top) Organic baby spinach from malipayon farms, French goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, organic herbs and spices, organic chicken stock.

Spicy Italian Sausage: (Flower Marking on top) Italian sausage, roasted red bell peppers, organic herbs & spices, simmered for 2 hours in organic chicken stock.

Chicken: (Star marking on top) Chicken, organic carrots, peas, fresh cream, organic herbs & spices, simmered for 2 hours in organic chicken stock.

Spanish Chorizo: (C Marking on top) Authentic Spanish chorizo made especially for BBA by Calidad Española, extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella, organic herbs & spices.

Chili-Lime Tuna: (Fish marking on top) Omega 3 rich tuna, fresh chili, local limes, organic herbs & spices, organic chicken stock.

What are your best sellers?
For the bocaditos: The wild mushroom (Cat JL note: This was super delicious! You all need to try this flavor)

If you receive them frozen how long can they store for?
Shelf life is 4 months unopened & 2 months once opened.

How do you heat them up?
Do not thaw. Heat in 350*f or 200*C oven or med-high toaster oven for 20 mins. If using small toaster oven, Bocaditos must be lined top & bottom with aluminum foil to avoid burning or scorching the Bocaditos.

If you’re interested in trying them yourself, here is their contact info:

Booth: 5/F, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall Building D

Telephone number: call 02.7362877 to order



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They deliver within Metro Manila and ship to provinces. They are also regularly in Baker’s Dozen Bazaar of PowerPlant Mall in Rockwell.