Spring Fling PH

springfling copyI didn’t know what to expect when I was invited by top lifestyle bloggers Patty Laurel-Filart, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, and Alessandra Libongco-Lanot to a special event last Saturday, but it’s safe to say that I was thrilled to attend.

BloggersPhoto courtesy of Alessa

Patty, Kelly, and Alessa are as real as it gets in the blogging world. Their sites are an inspiration to thousands on how to live a life filled with fulfilment, adventure, and creativity.

What makes these girls even more special is their generosity and genuine desire to better the lives of others.  They believe that there is no need for competition or selfishness in the blogging-sphere and they prove that everyday with their support of smaller sites like mine and those of many others.

springflingA quick snap with Kelly and Patty. Alessa was still finishing up her crafts! 

Through Spring Fling, they wanted to share the success of their sites and I’m sure I can speak for all the ladies present when I say that we were very touched.

I asked these beautiful girls to share a bit more about this event with my readers. I hope their answers inspire you with your own blogs and perhaps you’ll have a chance to be part of their events in the near future.

Cat JL: Hi girls, what exacty was Spring Fling?

Spring Fling was an intimate gathering hosted by lifestyle bloggers Patty Laurel-Filart, Kelly Misa-Fernandez, and Alessandra Libongco-Lanot to celebrate a life of simple joys, creativity, and purpose. Delicious food was presented by Patty, who loves blogging about her food and travel photos on PattyLaurel.com.  Model and TV Host Kelly, who blogs at KellyMisa.com, featured her fashion and beauty picks. Alessa, who posts about her crafts and designs on LifeAfterBreakfast.com, gave a mini craft workshop in Brush Calligraphy. Spring Fling was their blogs coming to life!

Snapseed-8Patty shared her love for food and travel.

Snapseed-10Kelly offered her fashion and beauty finds. 

Snapseed-13Alessa held a calligraphy class and explained how arts and crafts bring her joy.

Where did the idea come from to hold this event?

Patty first came up with a rough idea of having an event that would somehow become a platform to push for positive blogging. So Patty invited both Alessa and Kelly (her close friends who happen to be lifestyle bloggers as well) to team up with her for this happy little project. The three ladies came up with the concept of having a get together that would somehow showcase their blogs and so SPRING FLING idea was born. We enlisted the help of Marge Montemayor and Early Bird Breakfast Club shortly after.

Snapseed-12My seatmates: TV host Karen Pamintuan, Model Nicole De Los Angeles, stylist Bianca Reinoso

How long did it take the three of you to put this together? 

Just a little over a month. And since we all have regular day jobs and other obligations, it was really a ping-pong of multiple emails between us three, Marge our events coordinator, and Ellen of Early Bird Breakfast Club.

SF1Early Bird Breakfast Club was filled with good food and conversation. Photo courtesy of Alessa. 

What were the goals of the afternoon?

Since it was our very first try and a very new concept to begin with, we kept our goals simple:

1) For our guests to catch a little preview of our blogs and to understand our intention: to provide positive and creative content for our readers through our respective sites.

2) To make our guests feel extra special for a day! To make them absolutely giddy with the good food, craft session, and goodies. We just wanted to make it about channeling the blessings we have experienced through blogging and sharing it with women we love and admire.

sf2We were all given this colorful set of materials to bring out our inner artists. Photo courtesy of Alessa. 

How did you girls decide on the guest list and sponsors?

For the Spring Fling idea to work we knew we had to invite like minded women. It’s a concept that only a few ladies would truly appreciate so we had to be thorough in our selection process. We knew we wanted to keep the guest list small to keep the interaction intimate and personal.

As for the giveaways, the criteria was very simple and straightforward: Products we actually use, products we actually like enough to tell our girlfriends about, those are the items that made it to our list. The things we gave out were items all 3 of us like for this particular season. We really are so grateful for the overwhelming support of our friends and sponsors!


Snapseed-15Beautiful beach gals: Chia Hollman-Yulo and Noelle Hilario. Both wearing Brown Belly. Swoon. 

 How did you feel after it was done?

The greatest reward for us was hearing the girls shrieking throughout the afternoon. The restaurant was buzzing with ooohss, ahhhs and OMGs! Seeing them smiling from ear-to-ear because of the little surprises we had for them, made us feel a sense of accomplishment!

Snapseed-16Kelly taking a break with top fashion stylist Bianca Santiago-Reinoso

Do you plan to hold another one in the future? 

We really hope so! It was a lot of fun setting it up and even more fun actually executing it. We hope this could be a regular thing for us three and our friends. We actually have some ideas brewing for the next one! And Cat, you’re invited for sure! (authors note: YAY!)

sf5The craft session was held in the outdoor section of Early Bird. Photo courtesy of Alessa. 

 Is there anything you would have done differently? 

There were some minor hiccups here and there. But for first timers, I would say we did pretty well. We were so lucky to have Marge Montemayor of Events by Marge to take care of all the nitty gritty details for us. She’s a God send!

The three of us work really well together because we’re all driven and very passionate. We distributed the work evenly and really worked as a team from day one so it was very manageable and enjoyable for us.

Snapseed-17Congratulations on the success of your event, Alessa, Patty & Kelly! You definitely earned those smiles. 

Credits to:
Marge Montemayor of EVENTS BY MARGE
Early Bird Breakfast Club


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  • Sharpie
  • Enlivo Notebooks/Mongol Pencils
  • Lagu
  • Guess
  • Happy Skin
  • Sunnies by ICON EYEWEAR
  • L’Indochine Wallet
  • Ponds
  • Tresemme 
  • My Little Buttercup 
  • Goody 
  • Pipino Goodies
  • La Tercera
  • Lulu Swing 
  • One Life Pilates 
  • Stay tuned for my posts in the next few days where I share more information about the generous sponsors of Spring Fling PH. 

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