LucyBoraLucy passed away in her sleep last night while at home with us. She was 11 years old. From when I chose her from her litter, I knew she was special. With her floppy ears, springy walk, and curiosity for everything and everyone, she was exactly what our household needed. She was so unique that the breeder told me that they missed her as soon as we drove off and if I wasn’t happy with her we could bring her back for a full refund.

She was housebroken in less than a week and learned commands like sit, shake, down, stay and up with pride. She never wrecked anything and could tell the difference between a rubber slipper and her toy with just a sniff. Fetch was her one true passion and you became her fast friend if you threw her ball till your arm ached. She was also the ideal car ride companion who could sleep through many hours of travel.

And travel she did. We took her to Cebu, Boracay, Siargao, Vigan, La Union, Baguio, Pagudpud, and Caliraya. She has frolicked in some of the most beautiful beaches our country has to offer, swam in tropical waters, and ran around in lush fields every weekend with my parents. She has even ridden on the back of a habal-habal motorcycle, balanced on a surfboard, and gone kayaking.

Throughout her entire life, she was never caged or tied and always had a warm body to sleep beside at night. It was a good life. And though I’m crying while writing this because we are going to miss her so very much, I am happy that we had these wonderful years with her and that she had a life worth living till the end.

Thank you for all your condolences. No need to be sorry for our loss or sad. Our lives were very much enriched by having her.

Lucy-Loo. Fetch Champion. Travel Buddy. Heart-Space Taker for life. 2003-2014.