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Snapseed-22It used to baffle me how much money some women spend on their bags. But I’ve come to realize that a beautiful bag doesn’t just carry your things, it also holds your travel dreams. It’s a reminder of the wonderful places you plan to visit with it strapped on your shoulder. Because, really, no one purchases a bag with the plan to just sit at home with it.

Granted, you still won’t find me spending enough money to put a child through school on a leather good. That’s just not who I am. But I do love to travel and I do love a high quality bag and I’m sure many of you do too. On that note, I’d like to share my new find  ANMA Lifestyle: a local travel accessory brand that makes beautiful leather and faux leather goods that will become your travel buddies through many of your journeys.

Snapseed-32ANMA’s best selling travel wallet. A must for the travel-savvy. 

I sat down for a coffee and quick photo shoot with ANMA’s owner Annick Marasigan (hence, the name of the brand) at The Curator last month. Together with her sister Silvana, we shared tales over excellent drinks about our own adventures and love for Sydney. I hope you enjoy learning more about this travel-inspired brand.

afterlight-2Annick has also been kind enough to offer a special giveaway for my readers. Learn more at the end of the post.

Cat JL: Hi Annick, what exactly is ANMA?
Annick Marasigan: Travel accessories and pieces that make it easy to explore the world with ease and grace. A lifestyle of stylish yet functional items that lets you see the world instead of worrying about the little things.

Snapseed-31Travel wallets have special compartments for all your needs. Perfect for a little family too. 

Can you share a bit about your own life and how it’s influenced ANMA? 
The products are all inspiration from my stay in Canada, Korea and Australia being a daughter of a diplomat. I love all aspects of travelling except the packing and unpacking part, so my brand is definitely geared towards making that part easier.


Snapseed-30How long have you been making travel items?
I launched my brand last November 2012 in a Rockwell Bazaar.

Snapseed-28The Travel Wallets come in a wide array of colors. 

Snapseed-11The real leather version is buttery soft. 

What makes ANMA different from other travel bag companies out there?
It’s proudly pinoy-made, quality is not sacrificed and the choice between leather and leatherette makes it easy for any budget. The factor of monogramming also makes it special, perfect for yourself or as a gift.

Snapseed-27Currency wallets. Can hold cards and various currencies to keep life organized when you’re away. 

Snapseed-26Where are your items manufactured?
They’re manufactured in Marikina, my hometown and definitely proud to be home grown.

Snapseed-20Gorgeous metallic ANMA Jewelry Rolls. Bring your necklaces, earrings, and rings easily. 



Snapseed-21Can you talk us through your design process?
My items are inspired with a certain personal need and then I research online or I check travel blogs to see if there’s a demand. I also check to see if the item I’m conceptualizing is available out there already. If I get an inspiration based on a previous item, I use it and see how I can tweak it to make it my own. For example, the travel wallets were born out of my need for a specific travel wallet with tabs. I had one made and I used it for a couple of months to see the durability of the materials before selling it. It’s been the same for all my other products. I usually release a new product every 3 months.

Snapseed-15ANMA’s Sydney Grab Clutch. Can house your iPad, laptop, or Kindle during the trip and can be your day clutch when you arrive. 

Snapseed-14What’s the most exotic/farthest place an ANMA item has been to? 
They’ve reached as far as Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

Snapseed-13ANMA’s Bay Street Envelop Clutch. Comes with a card holder for those business cocktails.

Which items are your best sellers?
Definitely the travel wallet in leather and leatherette. Also the jewelry rolls. Those are the two products I’ve started out with and continue to be the most popular. The currency holders are also gaining popularity.

Snapseed-25All items can be monogrammed with your initials or name for a more personal touch. 

What’s your price range?
They range from P700 to P1900 depending on the material. We also have other offerings that are lower such as the adds on in leatherette which start at P250 and our see three sets and clutches which start at P700.

Snapseed-24ANMA’s bag tags come in a cute array of colors. Never get the wrong bag at the carousel again.  

How long will it take to order an item with personalized initials?
Cut-off for orders and payment are every 15th of the month and delivered in 2 weeks.

Snapseed-23ANMA’s card holders fit perfectly into their travel wallet. 

What’s in your bag now? What beauty items can’t you live without?
I never go anywhere without perfume atomizers for my different fragrances. I bring about 2-3 atomizers since I interchange the fragrances I use. I’m a big fan of smelling good. I also love my Lucas Papaw Ointment for my lips. I buy this in bulk since it comes from Australia. I also always have MESSY BESSY as my hand sanitizer. And lastly, I always have one MAC lipstick at all times.

Snapseed-10The currency holders would make great giveaways. 

 What else do you think travel lovers need to know about your brand?
I think travelling is easier to do now with all the airline promos, tours and the accessibility of places with more routes and tourist friendly destinations. It can get overwhelming at times and that is the main reason of my brand.

Snapseed-12ANMA would like to offer one lucky Cat JL reader a chance to own one of their beautiful clutches.

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If you’d like to learn more about this lovely brand. Please check out ANMA’s:

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A big thank you to The Curator for allowing us to use their gorgeous bar for this shoot.