Reading: After The Quake

MurakamiWhat’s not to love about Haruki Murakami? He writes the same way the Japanese create bento boxes: clean and structured, but with each item complimenting the other and creating a burst of flavours.

After the Quake,┬áMurakami’s collection of six short stories about six lives right after the 1995 Kobe earthquake is no exception to his other books.

He has a way of letting his words work so that they dance in your head and make your heart burn brighter with every turn of the page. I would have been happy to have seen each story go on and become a full-fledged novel. All, that is, except for ‘Honeypie’, the last story in the book, which ends at just the perfect moment and leaves you satiated.

If you’re looking for a nice weekend read, I recommend grabbing this one.