The SOUQ Organics Moroccan Argan Oil

Surprises make the world a little more exciting, so it was definitely a high to get home from work last week to find this hefty brown box waiting for me.


Upon opening this lovely package from Manila-based boutique store The Souq Organics I was greeted with an array of Moroccan Argan Oil products for me to review.

Snapseed-5Having already been a fan of Souq Organics’ 100% Moroccan Argan Oil (I used up two bottles of the stuff when I was pregnant), I was thrilled to sample all their other liquid gold treasures.

I asked Em Sulit, owner of Souq Organics, to share a bit about her seeking philosophy and beautiful store finds for my readers. I loved hearing about her travel adventures and helpful tips on how to spot real Argan Oil (which shouldn’t be cheap or scented). She was also generous enough to offer a lovely giveaway for all of you. Details are at the bottom of this post.

Cat JL: Hi, Em. What exactly do you do?
Em Sulit: My partners and I bring carefully chosen products from locations off the beaten path, catering to the discerning tastes of the Philippine market. Our chosen products are good for you, organic, fairly traded and planet-friendly.


Moroccan Argan Oil Body Lotion (PHP1250): Smells like your favorite citrus cologne. This lotion is absorbed quickly and leaves skin feeling like satin.

Tell us a bit about The Souq Organics, what kind of store is it? Please share a bit about why you started The Souq Organics.

The Souq Organics is a virtual house of organic skincare brands sourced from different countries around the world.  In here, you are bound to discover products that, though obscure in the Philippines for now, are already well-known in Europe, the US, Australia and other parts of Asia.

Souq literally means “marketplace” where people converge to trade since the olden times. At The Souq Organics, we take various pieces of each culture, tradition and taste. We seek products that do not use harsh chemicals and ingredients, simply because we want everything to be organic and safe for the whole family. We are an import company that specializes in scouting for the best of the world’s unconventional and extraordinary products — from exotic pieces to time-tested natural beauty solutions.

Following our travels to the four corners of the world, The Souq Organics is a reflection of what we see, what we encounter and what we experience in foreign lands. Be it cultural immersion, sensory adventures or scenic thrills, we only select products that are unique and true impressions of the local community.

During one of our trips in West Africa, our minds were opened to the holistic way of life — the integration of every component to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. We began looking for products that are kinder to our bodies, to the community and to the environment. We found the answer in organic and natural products — those that do not include ingredients grown or manufactured using toxic pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, synthetic growth hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. We immediately fell in love with this way of life, and we wanted to share it with the local market.


Moroccan Argan Oil Gentle Soap (PHP390): Rich in oils, this soap has a clean scent and lathers beautifully. Perfect for sensitive skin.

How were you introduced to Argan Oil?

We found ourselves on the vibrant streets of Marrakech, Morocco during the Christmas holidays in 2009. Planning on the last minute with only half a day’s worth of research, we set off to see what the red city has to offer.

We were in constant state of amazement as we embraced the Moroccan culture in the middle of the old walled city, surrounded by a way of life that has been preserved for hundreds of years. From the coziness of our rooms, the aroma of the cuisine from each opened tajine, the captivating belly dancers in Djemma el Fna; to the history preserved in Museo de Marrakech, the abundant colors of arts and crafts, and the romantic trip up the Atlas mountain, we had the most colorful cultural experience ever.

We came across a group of village women who produces one of the rarest, most expensive and beneficial oils — the Argan oil. Extracted from kernels of Argan nuts through various pressing methods that is perfected and passed on from generation to generation, we were delighted by the numerous properties of this gem that is being used by the local women as a natural moisturizer and organic treatment for different skin conditions.

We spent Christmas and New Year in Morocco, and using Argan oil saved us from extremely dry skin, chapped lips and cold burns due to freezing weather conditions. On our way to the Atlas mountain, we came across natural pharmacies that offer organic and healthy remedies such as teas, soaps and natural scents. This amazing experience of fresh-from-nature solutions started our great belief in organic products.

We loved every moment of this trip. A year later, we still couldn’t get the thrill of our adventures off our minds. Thus, we breathe life to The Souq Organics to fuel our passion for travel, culture and holistic way of life reflected in the products that we bring to the market.


Moroccan Argan Oil Gentle Soap (PHP390)

Where do all your Argan Oil products come from?

We import our Argan Oil exclusively from Morocco. Our supplies are guaranteed authentic, guaranteed 100% pure and organic, guaranteed highest grade and guaranteed cold-pressed.

Tell us a bit more about what makes Argan Oil special and how you can tell if it’s the real thing. 

Nowadays, it’s really hard to tell the real thing. To ensure we always get the real thing, we are having all new purchases lab-tested by a Moroccan counterpart. To ensure quality and freshness, you really need to start from your source in Morocco. Ensure that you get from trusted and reputable suppliers, with direct connections from women’s cooperatives in Essaouira region where they harvest Argan oil. Our supplier is probably the most expensive – but we are always ensured that our products are never compromised. Their family has been in this business for over forty years.

There are now so-called “argan oil” being manufactured from Thailand and China. They try to copy the real thing and the sales ladies here in the Philippines would tell customers it’s 100% pure when it is not. People who have never tried argan oil before are always the victims as they don’t have a point of comparison and they do not know the real thing yet. You must be really careful and ensure that you’re getting the real thing. Even if the seller says their Argan oil comes from Morocco, that does not guarantee that it’s 100% pure or cold-pressed. It has become a common practice even in Morocco to mix the argan oil with other vegetable oils. So you have to be very very careful and buy only from reputable sources. There are many Moroccan suppliers who will offer cheap argan oil, but it’s mixed with something else, or it’s nearing expiry already. High grade, cold pressed, 100% pure organic Argan oil would never come cheap.

Always do a skin test. Put a little on your skin. It should be fully absorbed by your skin in 1-2 minutes. Also, if the packaging says “deodorized” argan oil – that already went thru heat process and most of its important nutrients were stripped down. If it smells like perfume – it’s already scented. Pure argan oil has a nutty smell to it. Sticky and thick argan oil would already have synthetic ingredients in it. Pure argan oil is almost same consistency as sunflower oil and almond oil but faster to be absorbed by the skin.


100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil (PHP 1,500): This wonder oil is great for the face, body, and hair. It has a slight scent and keeps skin super soft. 

What are your best selling products?
For the Argan collection – the best seller is still the 100% pure organic cold pressed Moroccan Argan oil as you can use it from head to toe, from daddy to mommy to all the kids – even for pets.

If there was one product my readers have to try, which one would it be? 

We would still recommend the 100% pure, organic, authentic, cold pressed, highest grade, Moroccan Argan oil because of the numerous uses. Once you’ve tried our Moroccan Argan oil, you will know the real thing. It’s very effective. If you use it for the face, just use 1-2 drops for the face and you will see significant improvements in 2-3days. Your skin texture really improves.

What other brands does The Souq Organics carry? Tell us a bit about them. 

Aside from Moroccan Argan Collection, we also carry Pangea Organics, Biopha Organics, Fushi Wellness, The Merry Hempsters, Hurraw, Raw Elements, SoTrue Naturals, Indigo Baby and other related products.

We only carry products and brands with the same thrusts as us. We believe that everyone should responsibly choose products that are kind to our body, to the community, and to our planet.


Moroccan Argan Oil Massage Oil (PHP1750) I absolutely love this oil. I use it right after I step out of the shower and it leaves my skin soft the whole day. It smells so good too!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We believe in products that are organic — free from harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, and other harmful substances. We constantly look for holistic products that enhance our health and beauty the natural way.

We believe in helping communities grow sustainably. We source our products from cooperatives and livelihood projects that support local communities. We support fair trade — we empower our local sources to ensure that they get their fair share of the business.

We believe in green living. We choose products that do not hurt animals and the environment. We want to ensure that future generations get to enjoy our beautiful planet, so we only get from sources that take care of the environment, products that do not test on animals and farms that promote the flourish of a healthy, balanced ecosystem.

We select the finest that the world has to offer. All our products speak of our love for a holistic body, a sustainable community and a protected planet.


Souq Organics would like to offer three lucky Cat JL readers a chance to try their Moroccan Argan Massage Oil (my new favorite) delivered straight to your doorstep.

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