Photo26_26“Home, we know, is not just the place where you happen to be born. It’s the place where you become yourself.” – Pico Iyer

I started this year missing Sydney.

I can’t explain where this longing for a place came from or where it will take me, but it’s there. It sits in my heart and catches me in the strangest of times. A gust of cool January wind touches my arm and I think of the many mornings I spent in our balcony where I enjoyed the warmth of the sun blending with the chill of the season. I see a book cover and I remember the many like it I’ve read through the countless train rides to and from work. I skim through something on the internet and it brings me back to a lesson plan that gave my classes the “aha” moments that I lived for. I hear from my friends and I long to just hop on a plane and schedule a coffee date.

Sydney was the city where I gained my independence — financially and mentally. It’s where I found my true love, conceived and gave birth to our child, made friends with people from countries near and far, and learned that there is enough time in a day to do everything that you truly need to be happy.

My only consolation to this longing for a city where I no longer live is that I don’t believe life is a straight line without any loops and turns. The facts remains that Sydney isn’t going anywhere and right now Manila is the best place for my little family to be, but who’s to say if we don’t find ourselves in its embrace in the near future? It’s doors are always open for us and for that I am beyond grateful.

I just need to address these feelings and work with them. Enjoying the adventures life offers us, no matter where we are.

Do you have a place you miss? Would love to hear about it.