The Philippines Needs Your Help


We don’t always understand why things happen the way they do. And you’d have to be living under a rock to not know that something quite painful happened recently down south in the Philippines.

I have had some of my best beach trips in Samar. The people there are warm and friendly, the town of Guiuan was one of my grandfather’s favorite places – brimming with history and fantastic seafood. After a day of beach hopping and history lessons, we used to walk through its markets, picking the freshest catch to be grilled for dinner. I also have really good memories with one of my favorite couples, the Myohos, who would welcome us into their little love shack and brew their strong Turkish coffee sweetened with milk for a sunset gazing afternoon while giving me tips on how to grow Kombucha. I fondly remember sitting by the ocean often and watching the orange purple sunrises with a cup of Sikwate warming my hands.

I am currently hoping to hear word from the Myohos and another friend who was in Guiuan when Typhoon Yolanda hit. I know they were aware of her arrival and were doing everything they could to stay safe, but I can’t help worry about them till we know for certain they’re okay.

There’s no logic or reason as to why Manila was able to come out unscathed and the Visayas so badly beaten. All I know is that we should all do our part in any small way that we can to help those affected.

Here is my list of sites that I believe have good hearts and want to do everything they can to help:

NVC Foundation

Gawad Kalinga

Philippine Red Cross

UNICEF Philippines

Aboitiz Foundation


(Update 11/15: We’ve just heard word that the Myohos and my other friend Susan are okay!)