ZO Skin Health

I was recently offered a chance to learn more about ZO Skin Health, a new prescription-based skincare line by Zein Obagi.

Many know Dr. Obagi’s name from OBAGI, a product line he created in partnership with Nu-Derm a few years back. I was told that Dr. Obagi separated from the Nu-Derm group and used new research to create better formulations of his original best-sellers.


I won’t lie, his products aren’t cheap. But if you’re interested in investing in a skincare brand that has a strong reputation and years of research behind it, this line is probably a good start. Even my personal dermatologist, who I always consult before putting anything on my face, told me that he has given his stamp of approval to ZO’s products.

Here are the products the people at ZO Skin Health Philippines were nice enough to offer:

Oilacleanse: This cleanser is a winner. It smells faintly like an orange-vanilla milkshake and has these little beads of vitamin E that keep your skin soft as it works hard to strip off your day’s grime. It doesn’t sud, but still leaves your skin feeling fresh and super clean. This one is a keeper.

Oclipse-C Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30: You all know I’m a huge sunscreen fan. And I have to say that this one surprised me. It has titanium dioxide, which is a strong physical barrier, but doesn’t leave a whitish cast at all. It’s rather thick, but when evenly spread it creates a nice canvas for your foundation. It makes your skin feel supple without being greasy. I also love how its fragrance-free.

ZO1I was also given four products from the ZO Medical line, but unfortunately had to pass on trying them myself because I was still breastfeeding. The active ingredients in this line is Hydroquinone, which has been noted to be great at removing dark spots and blemishes but isn’t an ingredient that should be played with. Especially when you’ve got a little one to nourish.  I asked a friend of mine with similar skin issues if she’d like to give them a try instead and we got my dermatologist’s approval beforehand, since this line is only given with a prescription.

My friend has oily skin sprinkled with dark spots from old acne flareups around her chin and forehead. It was recommended the she use Melamin in the morning (together with the Oclipse sunblock) and Melamix + Belo’s own tretinoin ointment at night. To help speed up the peeling process she was also given a bottle of Glycogent.

Dr. Jetty Magalon at the Belo Clinic in the Bonifacio High Street warned that the peeling would be quite heavy during the first two weeks of treatment, but my friend said it was actually tolerable. She also liked how the products had no fragrance, didn’t sting or make her skin red and irritated.

After three weeks and a bit of gentle sloughing of old skin, I think we both saw a significant difference. Her old acne scars had lightened to the point that they didn’t need to be topped with concealer and her skin looked more healthy, even during the harshest of daylight.

Dr. Magalona says that once the desired results are achieved, patients are often switched to a maintenance line using ZO’s Skin Health products. Something my friend is definitely considering once she’s finished with these products.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with a dermatologist to learn more about ZO Skin Health’s products. Please feel free to contact the ZO Skin Health Hotline at (02)887 6385.

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