Happy Monday


Hi, everyone. How was your week?

The little guy and I are still trying to shake this very persistent bug. It’s definitely on the road out, but acting like its part of a leisurely Sunday motorcade and enjoying the scenery before it fully exits our systems. Boo.

It’s been the first time we’ve seen Fin sick and uncomfortable, so you can imagine how my heart breaks every time he coughs and looks at me with tears of frustration. During new experiences like these I am thankful for my friends who hold my hand and remind me that this is a rite of passage all parents have to go through. Unfortunately, they also informed me that it never gets any easier to deal with.

On the plus side, a flu-ey baby makes for a very cuddly companion. Oftentimes, all he wants to do is act like a koala and be loved and comforted.

This little photo was taken a few hours ago. Classes were cancelled in the south today. So in between working from home, I watched Fin road-test some unique pre-school toys I’ll be featuring on the site this week.

Take care of yourselves during this rather wet next few days.

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