Ilog Maria Bee Propolis


Being sick is never fun. So whenever I start to feel a tad ‘bleck’, I turn to this little guy for help.

Propolis is the resin-like mixture honey bees collect from flowers and tree sap to seal their hive. It’s been noted by quite a number of scientific journals to have anti-fungal and antibiotic properties.

Ilog Maria’s Bee Propolis Extract takes this waxy substance and softens it in coconut brandy, making it easy to swallow. I can’t fully explain why, but a teaspoonful 2-3 times a day whenever I feel the flu knocking on my door seems to do wonders.

If the rainy season has been bringing your health down, it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try. It’s fairly affordable, tastes like a sweet alcoholic beverage, and has no preservatives or chemicals. The only downside is that ordering from Ilog Maria is almost as complicated as harvesting the honey yourself. Try to ask them to recommend a stockist in the city instead.

I’m also a fan of their Propolis Ointment and Honey & Propolis Throat Spray.