Happy Monday


Sonata advanced screening with scriptwriter + good friend Wanggo Gallaga

Hi, everyone! How was your week?

We’re definitely swimming through the rainy season here in Manila.  Days are gray and dreary, umbrellas are soggy, and storm warnings are frequent.

But despite the lack of vitamin D, it was a busy last few days for both Carl and I. Filled with exciting projects, new job opportunities, and lots of indoor playtime with Fin.

A highlight would definitely have to be watching my friend Wanggo’s film, Sonata, last night. He wrote the script and I couldn’t be more proud of his story telling abilities. He’s put together a tale that pulls at your heart from all directions.


Wanggo being interviewed before the screening.

It’s going to be showing in SM cinemas this September and I can’t recommend it enough that you check it out. I promise to write more about it in the blog this week.

Hoping that everyone stays safe and dry till the warm tropical sun comes out to play again!

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(top group photo by Erickson Dela Cruz)