Happy Monday

Hi, everyone! How was your weekend?

We spent ours in Bacolod hanging with my in-laws, having our fill of inasal, and enjoying a whole lot of play time with Fin.

Here are a few iPhone snaps from our weekend. I hope yours was just as relaxing.


More often than not, I love airports. I love the promise of a new adventure that they
bring. The Kaya Toast at the PAL terminal is one of my faves.


This is Pipito. An adorable one month old Jack Russell and the new playmate of my sister-in-law’s daughter. It was nearly impossible to take a picture of him. Carl and I think they should have called him ‘Blur’ instead.


Fin spent almost every afternoon of this trip swimming with his grandfather and Carl. I don’t think he would have wanted it any other way.


A teaser for a feature I’m doing on the beautiful jewellery of my sister-in-law Kaila. I should be posting about them in a week, so stay tuned!

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