A semi-selfie while fixing the blog yesterday

Welcome to my new and improved home! This virtual move has been a few months in the making and it’s been a whole lot more fun to do than when we had to pack up our real life in Sydney.

You may or may not know that I’ve been blogging for almost ten years. I never put more than a little thought to my site’s design and where I wanted to take my personal writing. But I’m sure you know what happens when you’ve got a lot more free time — you begin to dig deep inside yourself to uncover the things you really enjoy.

Bottom line: I love to teach. I love to write. I love to take photographs. I’ve accepted that these are parts of myself I like sharing with others and what better place to do it than in my own little patch of cyberspace.

To make this change a reality I sought the help of some wonderful suppliers in the social media industry. Here’s a shout out to the people who helped give this little blog the grownup facelift it needed.


My awesome suppliers

Martine De Luna: The minute you contact Martine with an inquiry, you know she’s made of professional stuff. She replies promptly with just the right amount of warmth to let you know she’s approachable but definitely means business. Martine held my hand through the design, immigration, and direction of my site. She was even patient enough to extend her services when deadlines passed beyond our control. If you’re ever considering getting into the world of social media, I highly recommend shooting Martine an email.

Squeesome: Web designers Paul and Kaye Iñigo, the lovely couple behind Squeesome, listened to every need I had and worked hard to make them happen. Our email correspondence are long and tedious (around 100 in total). Despite my constant requests for the smallest of changes, they always responded with a smile and happily worked to turn my site into what I envisioned it to be. Thank you for not giving up, guys!

Jennyfer Tan: Migrating a site from one host to another sounds like a headache. With new migration rules changing frequently as they do between real countries, I knew Jenn was in for a challenge. She assured me she had the skills to make it happen. She worked fast and efficiently and got the job done quicker than it would take to pack one balikbayan box.

Yso Aboitiz for Enkapture: I was thrilled when my cousin Yso, an award-winning artist and brand consultant, offered her services to guide my site towards the look and feel I wanted it to convey. We sat down one afternoon and she told me she wanted my blog to feel warm and approachable; an informative corner of the internet where people enjoy heading during coffee breaks and lazy weekends. I loved that and I equally loved the logo she came up with to help relay that feeling.

Fellow bloggers: This thank you wouldn’t be complete, without giving credit to fellow lifestyle bloggers whose sites inspired me to make mine even better:

Love Taza | Wit & Delight | Joanna Goddard


lovely bloggers that inspired me

A snap of my mood board

A snap of the mood board I made to inspire my site’s design. Click here for the full board

For the readers who kept checking my site for new posts, thank you for hanging in there. I hope you enjoy the new direction I take with my blog and the information I bring to your day. Please feel free have a look around and explore the little buttons and pages — especially that little heart after every post (it’s my favorite!) .

I would love to hear what you think!