Making: Ice Cream Cake

Last Sunday, a mysterious cold red box appeared at my doorstep that contained the following items:

Graham Crackers


graham crackers


A tub of Selecta ice cream with three classic flavours: mango, mantecado and chocolate

And these nifty instructions:


Simple enough.

So yesterday I decided to spend a few quick minutes making this layered dessert for our household and I’m happy to report that all the flavors stayed creamy despite the heat and my having to slather them onto the crackers with two spoons. I assure you, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

After an overnight stay in our freezer, this was the result of my efforts:


This is a pretty fun project to do with your little people. Here are some tips to help you along:

1. Cut the graham crackers into squares to make them fit better. It should be entertaining for your kids figure out how they should fit. 

2. It’s almost guaranteed that the ice cream will melt a bit, which actually makes it easier to spread. I suggest starting with the darker flavor first and putting the lightest flavor on top, that way you still have a chance at a layered effect. 

3. Get creative with a fruit layer or two, I recommend bananas, mangoes, or even kiwis. They always go well with ice cream. 


*Shot with a Lumix GF 2- 20mm lens

*Thank you for the gift, Nicole and Selecta!