Virgin Coconut Oil

In a Nutshell

What’s not to love about Virgin Coconut Oil? It’s got tons of good fatty health benefits when swigged (just ask model, Miranda Kerr), it’s able to wipe away heavy makeup gently, it’s affordable, and best of all, locally produced.

These days, I’m loving it as my all-over-body-moisturizer. Especially since I currently have a little teething monster who gnaws at my shoulders and anything else he can get his tiny mouth on.

I’ve tried a few brands out there before being convinced. One of them was so thick it left a glistening layer of shine on my skin for over an hour. Another label I bought from a popular wellness beauty store was actually stale (tip: take a whiff before purchasing).

I’m happy I gave VCO another chance and purchased this huge bottle of Lorenzo’s that was recommended to me by Denise of Indigo Baby (this is her grandfather’s brand).

It melts into my skin after a shower and surprisingly doesn’t leave me smelling like a piña colada. My only wish is that it came with a pump dispenser because the bottle can get a bit slippery after a few uses. This is easily resolved by transferring as much as you need into another container. I put mine into a recycled glass bottle from Ritual – a perfect partnership.

If interested, it’s P450 for a litre’s worth and can be purchased through Indigo Baby’s Facebook page or by calling +63917-574-4481