I turned 33 the other day.

Having always had an affinity to the number 3, I’m convinced this year will be great one.

As you probably know, Carl and I have moved back to Manila for the time being. We’ve been finding our pulse in this city’s beat and learning how to be new parents, neither of which is always easy. But we are grateful for friends and family who’ve welcomed us back with warm open arms and helpful hands.

Our son, Fin, turns 5 months today. I don’t know what cosmic lottery we won, but we’ve been blessed with a pretty amazing little being. He smiles so much he should run for office, barely whimpers when he’s hungry, puts himself to sleep, and looks at us (especially his dad) like we are the coolest creatures ever to walk this planet. There are many times when I can’t believe he’s already here, and there are also moments when I can’t fathom what life was like before he arrived.

I know I owe this blog quite a few posts, but between motherhood and taking on a few small projects, time has proven to be a valuable commodity. I hope this picture snapped by Carl in Caliraya two weekends ago along with these few words of reflection will suffice for now.

Life is good, people.