Compost Cookies

A few Saturdays ago, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to bring a sweet or salty dish to a farewell picnic. So I opted to go for both and baked my first batch of compost cookies.

If you’ve never heard of compost cookies, allow me to introduce you to this pretty nifty concept invented by Momofoku’s Milk Bar genius Christina Tosi.

You start with a base cookie batter recipe. Now, open your pantry and choose whatever sweet + salty ingredients you’ve got in stock. Grind them all up, mix them into your batter and you’ve got yourself an explosion so innovative that your tongue will probably have a spasm or two.

Here are some of the ingredients I put into my first batch: marshmallows, salted almonds, dark chocolate, dates, chocolate chips, and potato chips.

Inspired by my super foodie friend Erica Paredes I also threw a good amount of crispy bacon into my batter. (Warning: make sure your vegetarian friends know. A colleague almost didn’t speak to me for a day. Haha) 

You can find the compost cookie batter recipe I chose to use here. 

Tip: If you don’t have fridge space to pre-ball the cookies (like me), you can simply fridge your batter in a big bowl and scoop it up as you bake. Happy baking! 

*Lumix GF 2