A Happy Weekend

A few weeks ago, I had a rough bout with a cough and cold that I couldn’t seem to shake off. I almost never get sick, so it was beyond frustrating to see my body attacked by a simple virus and not be able to quickly heal itself. And because I’ve got a little tenant, I couldn’t take anything to keep the symptoms from making me feel worse. 

I had to stop working and cancel numerous plans with friends for almost two weeks. It didn’t help that winter was in full force so I was staring out into a gray rainy view for days on end.

But like many things in life, after the rain came the sun. Slowly my body began to pick itself up and the coughs started becoming less frequent and I no longer had to deplete Australia’s tissue supply.

This weekend was all about enjoying my health, the sunshine, and friendships I have come to love while living in Sydney. Here are three snaps of things that made my weekend wonderful:

Coffee and girlfriends go together like pancakes and Sundays. Seeing my girls for a meaningful conversation over a cup of creamy latte recharges me for the rest of the week. I am grateful to have caught up with two lovely ladies who I haven’t seen for a while. 

While sick, I made a promise to myself that once better I would get back into doing more creative / less electronic things with my time. I bought a big notebook to write my thoughts, now listen to music while cooking new recipes, and on a whim in a shop, decided to buy a water-colour set. I used to enjoy painting, but never did it enough to know if I’d be any good at it. I spent 30 minutes last Sunday, sitting in the sun, eating cherries, and just playing with blending colours.

I’ve written numerous times in the past how much I enjoy knitting. It’s meditation that offers you something you can actually use in the end. I’ve been meaning to get back into it for months, but needed an extra push from my friend Gutsy to get started on a new project. I’m so happy I did. I’ve missed the instant gratification you feel from just putting some knots together. 

So what’s been making you happy?