Book Report

It’s that time once again when I share a few of the tales that have been making me and my Kindle oh-so-very-happy:

With the movie coming out soon, I knew I had to get my hands on this before it might be tainted by the big screen. Enjoyed it from beginning to end. It had all the right elements of teenage angst, warmth, and discovery. 


Recommended by my dear friend Wanggo, this book was beautiful all the way through. I love how Ishiguro sets the parameters of this world and we as readers actually respect it. It’s a lovely slow burn that tackles the emotional side of scientific advances without being preachy. 


Saw the movie ages ago and loved it, so when my friend Pam recommended that I read the book I thought it would be worth a look. It’s almost as short as a short story and can be finished over a rainy weekend. It’s well-written and naughty without making you feel guilty. It’s also interesting to note that a love story like this was written by a man. 


Tina Fey is awesome. And if you’re one of the few in this world who never understood why, I recommend grabbing her book and seeing for yourself. Her stories make you feel like you’re having brunch with an old friend. A date so enjoyable that it goes all the way to afternoon coffee and straight to a nightcap before you think it should end.