Hi Cat, you really do take good and neat instagram pictures. I wonder how you keep them clear, ‘cause I notice how others have that grain-ish effect on theirs, and I wish to capture clear pictures with an iphone4? Thanks. 🙂

Got this question on Formspring the other day about my Instagram account and I thought it might benefit others to see the tips I posted. 

Hi there! Great question. I use an iPhone4 as well. Here are my tips:

1. I rarely use anything but natural light. The iPhone 4 seems to have a hard time capturing clear images during low light or most indoor lightings. 

2. I don’t play around with too many filters and picture editing apps. Filters from other apps seem to give many of the photos I see that grainy effect you mentioned. I often only use the filters of Instagram. My favourites: Rise, Walden, and Valencia

3. I always wipe the lens of my iPhone camera with a soft cloth right before I take a picture. Many people forget that their phones have been in their pockets or bags all this time and the lens is probably smudgy. This little step almost always guarantees a better quality shot. 

4. The last one is basic: hold still when taking the pic. The husband likes using the shutter button on the iPhone (which is your +volume button) for a steadier shot when its sideways. 

Hope this helps!