Body Loving Alternatives

One of my resolutions this year was to make healthier lifestyle choices.

It wasn’t that I lived a hedonistic life of late night parties, smoking, and drugs before making this conscious decision, I just think that there are always better options you can choose for your body on a regular basis. Here are somethings I have recently changed or added to my life with great results.


Dry Skin Brushing (instead of scented lotions)

I first heard about dry skin brushing when I read Amanda Griffin-Jacob’s health article in Patty Laurel’s blog. You basically take a natural-bristled brush and use it on your dry skin to slough away dead skin cells. The Body Shop in Australia carries a good cactus-bristle one. In the Philippines, you might also want to check out Earth Therapeutics in Beauty Bar. Aside from making your skin silky smooth, it’s also claimed to be good for lymphatic drainage, since you’re supposed to brush towards your heart the same way your lymphatic system cleanses your body. I’ve been doing this once a day for about a month and have seen a nice improvement to the texture of my skin. I usually do it right before the shower, then moisturise with a bit of olive oil after. Here’s a quick youtube video on dry skin brushing.


Red/Brown Rice (instead of white rice)

As a Filipino, I can’t help but have rice in my diet. Admit it, adobo without rice is a sin. But I’ve recently decided to only have red or brown rice at home since these little grains pack a mean punch of fiber and good-for-you vitamins. A far cry from their bleached white cousins that offer nothing more than sugar and carbohydrates. I am very grateful for a husband who wants to live healthy as well and didn’t protest when I started serving coloured rice during dinner.


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (instead of Nestea)

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar has been around for ages as a cure for everything. The first time I tried it was when I accidentally drank from a thermos that belonged to my father-in-law (yuck!). But after reading some of its proven and suggested benefits (it lowers blood sugar levels, it helps clear skin, it makes your body more alkaline) I decided to give it a try. 1-2 tbs. of ACV in a glass of water in the morning is more than enough. Patty Laurel, who I discovered started drinking it as well, likes having it with a bit of honey. After taking it everyday for about two weeks, I started to notice that my energy levels were better and my hormonal breakouts cleared up. I admit, it’s not the best taste in the world, but it worked for me so I’m not going to stop. It’s also important to drink it with a straw so that you don’t wear down your teeth’s enamel and NEVER drink it undiluted.



Rosehip Oil (instead of retinol)

I recently befriended a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner who also helps women with skin conditions and she says that one of the simplest ways we can help our skin look better is by using Rosehip Oil. Just a few drops of this light golden oil on your face at night really makes you wake up with the most supple looking skin. Rosehip oil has a natural vitamin A which helps your skin’s turnover rate like retinol but without the peeling side effect. I love the little bottle I got from her, but I’ve also recently bought the version from Trilogy and really like it.

So what healthy changes have you started making in your life? I’d love to hear it.

All pictures shot with my GF2 one quiet day last weekend.