We’re back in Sydney’s loving embrace. And though we haven’t been blessed with the best of summers, we try to take advantage of sunny days as often as we can. 

These first few months of 2012 have proven to test my faith that things will always turn out for the best.  

I admit, I have a tendency to worry over life’s different paths. I’ve never been a pessimist; I find myself worrying so that I can plan the best possible outcome for each situation I “might” be presented with. It’s my way of casting a safety net on life’s dips and dives. What I don’t realise is that thinking about every possible situation is stressful enough and many times unnecessary.

I’ve written before about this part of my personality and how I need to tame it. It’s a two steps forward, one step backward process. I know I’ll get there, but along the way I need to just lean back, breathe, and believe that things are and will be just as they should be. 

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