Happy New Year from Negros.

I apologise for not writing often these last few weeks, but being on vacation has made my mind so chill that I couldn’t seem to put any thoughts of value together.

We’ve been back in the Philippines for the last three weeks and it’s been a lovely end to an epic year. Catching up with friends and family, wiggling our toes in white sand beaches, and having our fill of tropical food has been more than our senses can take. 

This year is already shaping up to become something pretty incredible and I’m starting to get antsy wondering what exactly is in store. I’ve always been one of those people who likes to be in control of my destiny, but I’m slowly coming to terms with the honest truth that sometimes I’m not the captain of what’s to come. Pretty hard for someone like me to pry my hands from the steering wheel and hand it to a higher power, but I’m learning. 

I’ve also learned that despite what the future holds, I can still look at the now and see a bounty of blessings laid out in front of me. Love, friendship, family, health… the list is fairly long. And being able to count these blessings is something I do actually have a say over. 

My wish for all of you this year is that you find what it is you want, have the strength to work hard towards getting it. BUT also find peace in the knowledge that if it isn’t what’s in your stars for now (or ever) the journey might just be all you truly needed.  

Photos: iPhone4 (Dumaguete, Philippines) January 2012