Food review: Czech Food

I’ll be honest.

I knew close to nothing about Czech cuisine till I visited Prague last month and I have a funny feeling many of you are on a similar page. So I decided to snap and review some of my more memorable meals in this bohemian capital city.

A Czech staple is bread dumplings. Soft, chewy, and as heavy as a five pound weight in your stomach. They are often served as the siding to slices of meat bathed in a creamy sauce. Definitely the kind of meal that sticks to your bones to help brave through a hard winter. But for this tropical girl, one attempt at this dish was enough.

This is olomoucké syrečky, Czech’s distinct smelly rubbery cheese. ‘Interesting’ is the safest word I can use to describe it.


Czech people like their pork and the Filipino in me can relate to this in a heartbeat. These huge slabs of pig were roasting in the early morning to be ready to fill sandwiches by lunch time.


We like trying potato chips in every country we visit. These were nicely salted, thick crisps that had a lovely homemade taste.


Crepes, known here as palačinka, are served everywhere in Prague. We went for the popular spinach and cheese alternative which was yum.


Trdelník is a traditional Slovak dessert. It is a sweet dough that’s grilled then topped with a sugary walnut powder. These wasps were all over Europe during September and had taken a bite of this dessert before we even got to try it. Moving on…


No trip to the Czech Republic is complete without trying their beers. This was our favourite. A dark malty flavour with a sweet finish. Perfect for sunset.

These waffles on a stick were found everywhere. Not too sweet and perfect for a quick carbo load on the go.

A cute little cafe near the castle called Adivadlopokracuje. Don’t try pronouncing it, you might get a nose-bleed.

Originally from Hungary, goulash has made its way into the hearts and stomachs of the Czechs. This chunky paprika-laden soup is a complete meal in itself.

I really liked it. And I hope you feel the same about this quick photo essay on Czech food.

Till the next travel blog entry. Happy chowing, folks.