Beauty: MAC Studio Fix Fluid


“I’m going to be taking tons of footage while we’re travelling so expect a camera on you at all times.”

The husband threw those words at me a few weeks ago. So I figured what better reason to head to the MAC store and grab a new foundation. I told the lovely (very made-up) lady at the counter my needs.

“I’m going on holiday and want a foundation that will give natural to medium coverage, no shine, and hopefully last through most of the day.”

“Cool,” she said. “Have a seat, I know exactly what fits the bill.”

She then proceeded to grab me a bottle of MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC40. Now I’ve tried the compact version of Studio Fix before and found it too thick, so I told her I was sceptical. 

“The liquid version can be layered on for medium coverage or simply apply a little less if you want a more natural look,” she explained. 

She put it on and in the gorgeous lighting of the department store it fit like a dream. I usually prefer to try a foundation on, spend a day seeing how it reacts with my skin, and then come back to purchase it if it’s a winner. But with such a busy week ahead, I knew I would have no time to spare.

I purchased my bottle and decided to test it last Saturday. 

I was happy to see that in daylight, the harshest of lights, the foundation did its job well. 

I wore it the whole day without it changing colour and most of it was still on when I washed my face at night. Not bad, MAC. I’ll let you know how well it survived our epic trip once I’m back. 

* By the time this post gets published, I will hopefully be in Munich testing this foundation’s limits. 🙂 

Photos: GF2 20mm